Freestyling on Mexico, Language, Relatedness, and Empire

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Tzotzil Mayan Life-Giver, Chiapas, Mexico
In speaking of “Ancestry” the Elegance of this Woman’s Presence reflects that. So do the Shapes of all that Her Presence Honors; the Elevated Status offered to Her Ancestral Corn, the Basket of Tortillas she is preparing for Her Beloved Relatives, the Fire, which She Tends to as a True Student and Gifter-of-Living, bringing Application and Care to the Gestures that will not only Feed Her and Her People, but which Makes Way for a Living Generously Greater than Just-Her-Own. It may easily escape our noticing that such a People are not in constant pursuit of “a better way to live,” but Fully-Filling their Responsibilities to Make Their Way in Harmony with LIFE’S Way, in a Way that allows Continuity for a Greater Community of ALL that is Living, Simply, Humbly, Beauty-FULLY.

Here is a video of a talk I gave spontaneously to an informal gathering of English-speaking folks in Acapulco. It is something I did not prepare for at all.  It is raw, unrehearsed, and even has foul language at times. 

I invite your honest feedback. Even more so, I invite your honest attention, to the REALITY that we are all inhabiting, and that my words can only point to, NOT because “I” am “somebody,” but because LIFE ITSELF is worthy of attention, as are we ourselves.

There is no “magical exit hatch” from empire’s hell where everyone chokes on our sadness alone, and pretends that “spirituality” is the constant pursuit of a numbness that avoids that Place in our Hearts where the Tears come from. Having a Real Connection with our Hearts that actually allows our Tears to FLOW gives us Real Access to Real Joy, Real Response-Abilities, and Real Relatedness.  There is something far more Noble, and Bold, and Tender, and Gorgeous than any “magical exit hatch” could ever be: there is the willingness to meet ourselves and each other at that Place where our Tears come from, and the Love, the Joy, the Courage, the Clarity, the Fierceness and Resolve that await us if and when we dare TO GO ALL THE WAY, not only alone, but in our Courage to meet each other in our Sadness, not to give it a pat on the back, some “philosophical tidbit,” but to WEEP, FULLY and ALL THE WAY.  Only when we find those we can share our honest tears with will we discover those we can Share our Honest Living and Loving and Joy.

And I can’t pretend to “being” and “knowing” all that.  I can only recognize the REALITY of my RANK BEGINNING.  I can only come clean with my longing for the company of FELLOW RANK BEGINNERS.  I CAN acknowledge the HELL where everyone chokes on sadness alone, until we numb, kill,dissociate, and separate ourselves from the Sadness and the Tenderness that only Living and Loving can find a HOME in, a HOME with room for the REALITY of LIVING and LOVING, so that another generation of children do not get infested with the Sadness and the Numbness that we denied in ourselves, as we preferred to continue to seek refuge in advanced states of FAKERY.

I listened to what I said and, listening, I recognized how much even I, in merely saying it, am still challenged to continue paying attention to the REALITY words  can only point to.  Then, to pay attention again, and to live, in and with an attention that only grows with attention, connection by connection, THROUGH and TO ALL of what I WOULD RATHER AVOID, in me, in you, in my world, in the Paths we have come down, to arrive in this Place in Living REALITY, JUST AS WE ARE.

A lot of themes were covered, including Mexican cultures (plural), histories, relatedness, conquests, education of the free, slave programming, ancient European history, making sense, and many other themes. 

I could do a single talk on every 10 minute section.  On the other hand, you too, could also explore, research, consider every 10 minute section, and do a talk or write an article on it.  If we began to do that together, then we would become a capital-P People again; a People who learn together and whose learning is not lost to each other.

I hope this raw, unpolished, and heartfelt Offering enriches those of you who love exploring the depths and dimensions of the human experience in a very raw style.


There is an error in the part on love, as graciously pointed out by an attentive listener who gifts me with her learning, her living, her joys and her sadness, as capital-P People do: 

The Greeks have four words for love, not three: agape (divine love), éros: (intimate love of BEAUTY, potentially sexual, but not necessarily), philia: (affection and friendship between equals), storge: (love and affection, typically within the family)


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