The Tribes of Europe

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John Trudell is a contemporary poet, thought leader, spoken-word musician, former American Indian Movement leader, member of the Santee Sioux nation and a compassionate, insightful and lucid thinker on contemporary issues whose spirit and temper is very much in alignment with  Deep Freedom Now. Today’s offering is a history of what happened to the tribes of Europe.

A leader during the Sixties, he has the humility to point out the mistakes and consequences of the approach taken by the “hippie” movement as well as the American Indian Movement during those times and how they got swept up in emotionality instead of clear thinking and paying attention to what is really going on.

As one of the Original People of the Americas, he recognizes Europeans as undergoing very much the same process as what happened to Native Americans, only 3000 years deeper into the culturally institutionalized trauma, amnesia, and relational, familial and linguistic disruption.

One of the insights that I found particularly surprising is what happened to our way of “loving.” It’s at the very end of the talk.

I have listened to this brief talk many times over the years. It is rich, clear and to-the-point. I hope it enriches your perspective and appreciation for the challenges faced by people of European origin and those who have been subjected to a culture that one can’t even legitimately call “European,” because everything that was naturally, connectively and ancestrally proper to our Life-based sensibilities has been, and continues to be, systematically, integrally and totally assaulted.

John Trudell’s talks, music and poetry call us to a level-headed intelligence and responsibility that is grossly lacking in mainstream or alternative culture. This is a playlist. The first one is on the Tribes of Europe. Dare to go deeper. You might learn something from a relative who SEES who we ARE and how we learned to live in denial of our BEING.




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