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Deep Freedom Now is an Invitation to Full-Spectrum Life Mastery (Image by Journeyman O "Full-Spectrum Human Emergence" Small Format, $75)
Deep Freedom Now is an Invitation to Full-Spectrum Life Mastery (Image by Journeyman O “Full-Spectrum Human Emergence”
Small Format, $75)

If you would like to work with me one-on-one, organize groups or hire me for consulting, here are some guidelines. What’s offered in my articles here lays a basic foundation for what I’m inviting people to: living a life of exceptional creativity, engagement, contribution, health, passion and JOY. The people who are actually going to benefit from what I’m offering are passionate, committed to their well-being and the well-being of a greater dimension of life than “their own,” and still have enough functioning brain capacity to not only read the words of an article, but to read the reality of what words can only point to, and then take action, IN REALITY.

Here are some guidelines to my Offerings and the People I engage with.

Who I work with:

Voracious lover of learning. True learners bring application and care to what concerns, challenges and inspires them. They are self-led, they are daring, they are HUNGRY to understand their world, themselves, the craziness that is currently afflicting modern humanity, and the wild, daring, creative FUN TO BE HAD IN A WORLD GONE BAT-SHIT CRAZY MAD!

If you want a graphic image of what application is, picture a bear catching a whiff of honey on the wind. He applies himself, he tracks it out, he becomes it, sniffing out every nuance in the trail of the scent and all the trails that cross it, mingle with it, become it. That is application.

I offer fellow Learners an opportunity for powerful, coherent, effective guidance for self-willed transformation where Students build their mastery from the ground up, senses engaged, and with a full appreciation of the dynamics at play in the domains that concern them.

The Design of Life Itself, Life’s rhythms, shapes, cycles, changes, relationships and proportions compose our Guiding Blueprint. The Intelligence which Authors our Aliveness is the reference for bringing our Aliveness into Full Expression. Thriving In Aliveness happens when we work with LIFE’s Design.

We also look at the prevalent cultural dynamics, not just “out there” but also in how they shape our own relationship to ourselves, our world, our loved ones, and those we share the world with, along with their impact on our individual, family and community health, wealth, and quality of life. Together, we venture beyond the “taboo curtain” of culture and will regularly stop and savor some freshly roasted morsels from the culture’s sacred cows, hot off the grill.

People have asked me to begin working with them one-on-one, often on health-related issues, but also on money-making and international opportunities. For more on

For Individual Support on Item-Specific Issues, please click HERE.

Free Newsletter:

Our complimentary newsletter is available to you just by signing up in the right-hand column. It is the entry into the invitation to learning and unlearning that is Deep Freedom Now and constitutes a full, online course on health, wealth, culture and navigating the reality of our world, beyond our cultural hypnoses, so that we can truly Live the Life We Love with the People We Love. You’ll be challenged to think, feel and live in ways you may have never imagined – ways that are not “far-out,” but so powerfully simple and obvious that you may be surprised that you never considered them.

You’ll be notified of new articles, receive special communications and invitations to events, courses, retreats and adventures via the newsletter.

Online Community:

If you’d like to connect with other passionate individuals and participate in wild, radical and life-changing monthly conversations while pursuing a course of study, discovery and implementation, I will announce its launch via our newsletter. In the meanwhile, sign up for the newsletter, share articles that inspire you with others who are committed to living with conscience and excellence. Let us know how what has been shared impacts you.

Get-Togethers: Making Authentic SENSE of What Matters Most to Us

Occasionally, and when called to do so by someone who inspires me with their Excellence, I offer get-togethers with such a Person’s close and trusted friends. These gatherings are geared to individuals who have the courage to connect with their deepest desires and the extraordinary challenges we face by virtue of the culture we inhabit and which inhabits us, the health issues which are becoming more and more widespread and the impact to our intelligence and to our relationships.

Retreats and Apprenticeships:

  • Revitalize Yourself Naturally: Nourishing Aliveness in Coherence with Our Living Design

  • Awaken Your Natural Genius: Neuro- and Bio-Logical  Secrets of Our Design for Awakening Intelligence and Creativity Naturally.
  • Reconnecting with Relational IntelligenceDeep Cultural and Intimacy Dynamics of Displaced Peoples and ReGenerating Our Connection to Welcome, to Authenticity, to Relatedness and to Place.
  • Alive and Thriving: Growing Bio-Economically Vital Homes, Economies and Communities for Being Fully Human.
  • Make Your Garden BOOM!: Applying Bio-Harmonic Principles & Design to turning your Balcony, Backyard, and/or Land into a Food Jungle and a Celebration of  Nourishing Aliveness with less work than you ever imagined.

I offer one-on-one and small group retreats and apprenticeships on the above themes and in the order described. Typically, retreats are 7 days long and often will combine various of the above topics, as they are profoundly interrelated while, at the same time, they build upon each other. They can be done individually or in groups of up to one hundred people. I charge $2000, plus round-trip travel, pre-paid, and onsite room and board.

For More information, contact me at info {at} deepfreedomnow {dot} com

Individual Study:

Deep Freedom Now is a love affair for and with those who passionately, excellently and actively demonstrate their commitment to living brilliantly, courageously, and beautifully. These offerings are for individuals committed to leading their lives as Students and Artists of Aliveness.

To “study,” from the Latin studium: “application, care” is to proceed with application and care. When we seek the guidance of a teacher, it is to share in his or her process, as a lifelong student, of bringing application and care to Human and Living Values in a shared love and commitment to their realization and transmission. The value of such guidance is only realized once it is walked, seen, touched, tasted, and experienced, in turn, with application and care.

As students, we bring attention and engagement to Life. We feed Aliveness with our time, attention, curiosity and care-FULL-ness. We take action in favor of Aliveness.

Occasionally I work with people seeking Individual Study. I work with individuals who demonstrate excellence, capability and passionate engagement and who seek a coherent comprehension and creative action in benefit of their Natural Health, Wealth, Wisdom and Contribution to the Greater Aliveness. Our work is rooted in the Bio-Harmonic Wisdom that Aliveness unfolds in as well as a courageous, curious and Life-Affirming connection to our ancestral, cultural, relational and linguistic patterning and how our Aliveness is impacted by them. We pay deep attention to the greater Human Adventure of working with and Nourishing the Wisdom of Aliveness.

If you feel called to find out more about Individual Study, please sign up for our newsletter first and study what’s there, participate, comment, and share with others. You will soon get a sense of whether this is for you or not. If you feel that it is, contact us as info {at} deepfreedomnow {dot} com. Let us know:

  • what you seek to bring greater application and care to in your Life.
  • your background,
  • your successes,
  • struggles,
  • health and
  • what you can commit to and bring to the adventure
  • who you serve and contribute to
  • who you have studied with and what you have studied to date

This will give us a sense of whether we are a fit. Thank you.

Annual Adventures:

Every year or so, I offer unusual, life-changing adventure-retreats in gorgeous, powerful places and opportunities to connect deeply with Nature, within and without,  to learn from ancient cultures and Wisdom Ways and to connect with fellow adventurers from around the world. Treat yourself to experiences you’ll be learning from for a lifetime. These experiences are open to individuals whom we get to know personally through their participation in our online courses, community and/or working one-on-one with Journeyman. Our adventure retreats are superbly pleasurable, relaxed, intense, nourishing, connective and engaging. Groups are small and intimate. Participants are selected individually for their excellence, brilliance, creativity and fun and the potential for truly brilliant mutual engagement and learning to arise from our time together.


Our Quality of Life is the fruit of the Quality of Our Attention, Our Choices, Actions and Inaction. Period. Deep Freedom Now is for Functional, Spiritual ADULTS, not followers or dependents.

We learn to pay attention. Discover the realities. Find the patterns. Apply our energy skillfully. Examine the results. Rinse and Repeat. Everyone here is a student and we all have plenty to learn.

The guidance we offer is for people who will ACT to heal themselves, to educate themselves and to lead themselves in Living The Life They Love and Loving the Life They Are. Free people realize that the value of guidance is only realized in taking the journey. This is part of becoming a functional adult. Free adults free themselves. It is up to YOU!

We give precise, powerful and effective guidance so that our fellow students gain the wisdom (way-finding), knowledge and abilities to become capable of leading themselves toward health, wealth and well-being and ways of living, supporting themselves, enjoying Life and connecting with other brilliant individuals that they had only dreamed of before. Guidance, like a map, confers no value until we WALK it, not just talk it.

Each one of us is the carrier of and woven of the wisdom of OUR ancestral lineage. We learn to vitalize, grow, connect and carry the treasure that several billions years of Life have made into each one of us. Our adventures are conducted in a culture of attention and excellence as we evolve with respect for and attention to each other.

It’s up to YOU!

Welcome to the Journey!

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