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For people looking to accelerate their progress with specific challenges, opportunities, learning or new adventures, I’m offering individual guidance beyond what’s available in a workshop, online course or other event. This is to let you know how I can support you. Your suggestions are welcome.

Right now I have quick-access Skype/Google + support available on an hourly basis and more in-depth, repeated, voice, e-mail and research support for issues requiring in-depth learning, and an Ongoing Adventures in Mastery Mentorship that I’m very excited to be offering.

Philosophy Underpinning Our Support:

Everything has a literal, physical, biological and/or cultural design. Oftentimes there’s a mismatch between our living reality and the cultural symbols, language and relational presumptions we use to describe reality and the beliefs or “knowledge” we have about it. I’ve devoted a lifetime to exploring this in many facets of life, especially in health, in business, in investing and in creative, fun and generative possibilities worldwide. When we take the time to discover the actual, living design of what we’d like to transform, we discover very clear guidance for enaging with our Living Design in a manner that supports, rather than frustrates it. We discover the adaptive Brilliance and Flexibility at the heart of all Living Systems.

Many clients have specific questions that they are working on and request my help investigating and bringing aspects of their life to new and more vital, powerful and pleasurable expressions. They come to me for my broad base of experience, knowledge.  I approach most of our human experience in a very different way than how most people typically approach them. I lead you in going to the root of the reality which concerns you, coherently, beyond theories and beliefs.

One of the great pitfalls of modern “education” and the culture in general, is that many of us have gained very “advanced” knowledge of certain topics while, at the same time, lacking a solid grasp of the foundational knowledge that supports it… or doesn’t… My “expert” knowledge as a healthcare professional of twenty years is a very graphic case in point of authoritative, certified, licensed “expertise” where I mastered a medical model of “healthcare” that is in egregious mismatch with actual human health.

In my approach to working with client issues there is one fundamental key: Living Realities. That means the qualities of YOUR Life and Vitality, and the REALITIES of what it is that you want to engage with.

People have sought my help on many issues, including:

  • Revitalizing Our Cells, Revitalizing Our Lives

    • Oftentimes people will have specific healthcare issues and would like guidance and resources for coming to a coherent comprehension of their challenges and developing a plan for addressing these challenges that works for the. I can give you surprising, direct, practical keys for supporting and revitalizing your health from your cells outward, and inward.

  • Guidelines for Super-Fast, Pleasurable and Effective Learning.

    • For Languages

    • Expanding Your Personal and Professional Skills

    • Enjoying More Creativity

    • For Activating True Genius in Personal and Entrepreneurial Ventures

  • Learning to Skillfully Reconnect Ourselves Emotionally and Support Our Complete Human Development

  • Relationship Dynamics

  • Healing from Trauma

    • Childhood Trauma
    • Neuro-Trauma
    • Traumatic Illness
    • Traumatic Relationships
    • Accidental Trauma
  • International Living and Earning

  • Market-Agnostic, Super-Conservative Investing for Long-Term Growth and Safety that has an over 50 years track record of returning an average 9% annually, with very few, and very small annual losses

  • Business-Building

As you acquire a solid, coherent comprehension, from the foundation upward, of the actual reality of what you seek to bring to more fruitful, joyful and vital expression you begin to trust and lead yourself, with solid, grounded knowledge and coherent action leading you to the results you desire.

My work is rooted in the initiatic Journeyman tradition of reality and life-based cultures and is informed by twenty years of Critical Care Nursing in a number of the best hospitals in the United States, over thirty years of apprenticeship in an indigenous Wisdom Tradition, a lifetime of living and working around the world, in six different languages and many more cultures, ten years as a consultant on international healthcare business ventures, and a number of successful entrepreneurial and artistic ventures that I have launched personally and collaborated on with others, worldwide.

I help you journey to the initial and very often overlooked realities and natures of that which you are engaging with. We may have a lifetime of “knowledge” and “efforts” that still have not led to our desired results. Oftentimes we overlooked essential elements that are much closer, simpler, and more effective or even critical, than those elements to which we have paid attention.

This is not therapy, counseling, or advice-giving. It takes you out of the relationship of dependency on some “expert” and pushes YOU to cultivate, embrace and engage YOUR excellence, expertise and leadership in your life, from a place of coherent appreciation, comprehension and action in furtherance of your desired objectives. I help you to learn coherently, to bring calm and curious application and care to your area of interest.

At the same time, you may choose to avail yourself of the assistance of experts, equipped with a clear process for evaluating their “expertise” and remaining in the driver’s seat when it comes to YOUR life choices. I help my clients SEE what they are doing now, what and who they are doing it to or with, and then, from this SEEING, learn HOW to approach their learning and action more skillfully, playfully, creatively and realistically.

What you get from this process depends on what YOU bring your application, attention and care to, DO, and GET. IT IS UP TO YOU!

There are three ways I can support you.

1.) Hourly Consult:

If you just have a quick question you’d like to consult with me on via Skype, my hourly rate is $100/hour, billed in 30 minutes increments, with any portion of 30 minutes billed at the full increment ($50), with a $100 minimum. If relevant, I will send you a follow-up e-mail with key items and follow-up resources from the call.

Any requested research can be pre-paid via the link below at the same rate and minimum.

To engage, please pre-pay the minimum and send me an e-mail to support [at] deepfreedomnow.com letting me know of what you would like help with, your Skype ID and/or Google + ID and best times to reach you in the next 10 days.

Number of Hours

Click on the Buy Now link above for Hourly Quick Consults at $100/hour.
If your issue is not one that I can help you with, you will receive a full refund via Paypal within 10 business days. Please note that I will be leading individual and group journeys in remote wilderness in the U.S. and Canada for the remainder of the summer and leading workshops. It my take several days and even a week at a stretch without internet. So please be patient. Thank you. I WILL get back with you and your issue WILL be a priority.


2.) In-Depth, Individualized Item-Specific Support includes:

  • Item-Specific Thrive by Design Evaluation: When you choose our one-on-one, item-specific support you receive our Item-Specific Evaluation of what you want to take From Surviving to Thriving. This evaluation is done via e-mail. You fill it out, send it back to us, defining your challenge/ question/ issue, what you have studied, tried, done, who you have consulted and what you know and are learning re. this issue, what your results, desires, successes, failures and frustrations have been to-date.

  • Typically we will send you an e-mail with further questions and possible suggestions for further study, reading, listening to, prior to and as a way to establish foundation learning and shared vocabulary for scheduling our first:

  • Action Plan Interview: This interview is done via Skype and includes a plan for integrating new and old knowledge, action steps which you choose on the basis of YOUR understanding, including steps for greater, integrated knowledge and action, consulting other professionals if necessary, availing yourself of resources in your community, and building a competent support and implementation team to achieve your goals. We also clarify resources and knowledge which WE will research and provide to you via e-mail, if indicated, to help you clarify your concerns and steps to address them. Our item-specific support may include, when indicated, up to three hours of research time on your topic, on our part. Together we define learning and actions steps which you commit to completing. This Skype call is up to 1.5 hours long.

  • Support E-mails: After the Action Plan Interview we will be available, via e-mail, for up to three support e-mails to give you feedback, answer questions and provide you the resources, information and contacts we committed to providing you.

  • Bringing It All Together Interview: Once, and if, you have fulfilled and documented your committed learning and action steps agreed upon in the Action Plan Interview, we will provide a closing interview to clarify further learning and action steps for you to pursue on your own. This is done via Skype and is up to 1 hour long.

  • Action Steps for Continuing your Adventure in Thriving by Design:

    Follow up e-mail, from our Bringing It All Together interview, for further learning, resources and actions.

If you need more Skype, phone consulting, or research time beyond the times included in the package, our rates are $100/hour with a $100 minimum, billed in half-hour increments. Any portion of a half-hour is billed at $50.

Our Item-Specific Support is sold as a complete package which requires that the client fulfill on commitments. We are not selling a certain number of hours of phone time or e-mails for a certain amount of money. What we are providing is expertise and a lifetime of application and care to your item-specific concern. Some issues may require less phone time, e-mails or research, because I can point you precisely and directly to the resources you are seeking and you can move immediately and powerfully into Thriving More Fully and By Design, which is the goal of the support we offer. Item-Specific Individual Support is for a 90-day period of time, starting from the time of my first e-mail response to you, after receipt of your Item-Specific Thrive by Design Evaluation.

If I decide that I cannot support you with your issue, your payment will be refunded in full and within 10 business days of notifying you that I cannot work on this issue.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction AND, because our services only bear fruit if YOU engage, YOUR satisfaction absolutely requires YOUR fulfillment of your agreed learning and action steps.

Once I accept you as a client, your investment is non-refundable.

Our Individual Support for Thriving By Design on Item-Specific Issues, is $399, pre-paid.

To reserve your Item-Specific, Individual Thrive-By-Design Support, click HERE:

3) Adventures in Mastery Mentorship

Our Ongoing Adventures in Mastery Mentorship is ideal for clients who are exceptionally bright, playful, motivated, love to learn, passionately curious and are willing to engage, take action and explore creatively, daringly and experientially. These clients are high-level players who look at every learning opportunity as an investment, and every investment as an opportunity to derive and offer multiple benefits. Clients have ongoing, long-term growth they would like to receive expert support and radical (literally “to-the-root”) stimulation in mastering, and want to work with me on an individual, monthly basis.

All of our Thriving by Design mentoring is rooted in looking at the Actual Design of what it is you want support with, and supporting the Design of your Aliveness coherently, whether that’s the design of the cells which support your health or the design of a market environment you plan to invest in, or the nature and dynamics of a culture you wish to move to. Once we grasp the Design of what we want to engage with, we acquire the inner coherence which leads to masterful, precise and elegant comprehension and action.

Clients may have a looming “primary concern” which they want immediate help with and, in the process of their learning adventure, begin to see the connections and dynamics which impact the concern which is most obvious. I help you bring your Life Adventure into playful, curious and masterful coherence.

Our Ongoing Adventures in Mastery are a mutual engagement and commitment to learning and action. It can be fast-paced, at times, slow and deep, at others, depending on the issues which we are addressing and what’s happening in your life at the time. All along you will have a Powerful Ally keeping pace with you, attuned to your growth and evolution, and available for Focused, Life-Transforming Support.

You may be challenged to learn in new, powerful ways. We not only “think outside the box,” we challenge the very notions of the “boxes” people spend their lives boxed up in. I often challenge students to master new skills which you will enjoy for the rest of your life but which may seem “peripheral to” your main concern yet will be profoundly supportive of achieving your goals and taking the steps required to do so, more effectively and effort-LESS-ly. This is KEY and is an essential part of my mentoring process.

In the last six years of teaching and working with clients around the world, the greatest challenge I have seen most commonly is NOT a lack of “advanced” knowledge, but a lack of “foundational” knowledge, skills, attention and action.

Our Ongoing Adventures in Mastery Mentorship includes:

Monthly Master Adventure: We clarify your goals, learning, key concerns, issues and challenges for the next month, time availability, desired approaches. This is done via e-mail and clarifies our Adventure in Mastery for the month.

One Monthly Mastery Call: via Skype, Google +, or phone, lasting up to 1.5 hours and reviewing your goals, learning, and action-to-date, lessons learned from that, further learning, action, and key insights, challenges and new or overlooked approaches.

Weekly Calls and E-mail Support: Depending on your needs, I am available for up to four extra, weekly calls, lasting up to 45 minutes and weekly e-mails for support, clarification, further learning, resources and research results.

Research: Mastery Mentoring may include up to 3 hours of research, monthly, on my or my staff’s part.

Your Investment: is $555/monthly subscription.


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  1. Anonymous

    This comment offered as a gift, not intended to be a “Comment” on this site necessarily. DFN might consider inviting readers to ask questions and then offering posts that are responses to reader questions–without promising that questions will be answered here–some might call for a paid consultation, but some might make great material for this site. DFN might ask question askers to precede their question with an anecdote about what they have learned and acted on from DFN, and then a follow up question they have. I will demo here (and feel free to use this on DFN in any way you like, or not.).

    Dear Journeyman, thank you for the love and care you are pouring into this site. I experience it as a very beautiful gift. And you are the one who taught me about beauty. I now pay attention to beauty in ways I didn’t before. My felt experience with women is also more beautiful thanks to how you distinguish beauty. I now talk about making “beautiful invitations” and “beautiful gifts”, and what that means for me now is this: An invitation or gift is beautiful, if I have really taken the other person to heart in creating/offering an invitation or gift–they can FEEL my care for them in my invitation or gift. A beautiful invitation feels “beautiful” to make, and a beautiful gift feels “beautiful” to give: The making and the giving takes care of my heart and my relations in the making and giving of it. Beauty is now something I am tracking in my experience: A beautiful meal. A beautiful night sleep. A beautiful walk. These are gifts I can give myself.
    When I see your jewelry, I can see and feel the care you have put into it, and seeing the pictures makes me curious about the art of jewelry making–which I haven never been before. How it is beautiful, not just to my eye, but to my heart.
    My question is this: What is your personal experience of making jewelry… what makes your jewelry making experience beautiful for you? How does it nourish you? What are the gifts you receive by the making and offering of the jewelry?
    Thanks. Sincerely,
    A Student of Beauty

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