To Soar!

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To soar has a price. In French there’s a saying:

Choisir, c’est renoncer

To choose is to renounce.

To choose one thing is to give up another. When we open our hand to receive, if that hand held something, it is released.

Golden Eagle By Juan Lacruz (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

To soar, to see clearly, fully, in both detail and context, and from great heights, costs the Eagle something, and yet it’s entirely in his nature to pay that price. He often finds himself alone, at heights that few will join him at, that most find terrifying.

Most people will avoid being alone at any price, especially when they have the sort of abandonment issues almost all of us have. Because of this, few people ever really soar.

For many of us, the company we keep is not there because of their excellence but because they allow us to continue to comfortably, yet not so comfortably, ignore – and thus never resolve – the deep-seated issues so common in our culture. We learn to find “comfort” in the company of people with whom we can keep pretending, and ignoring. It’s easy to settle for the company of those who find comfort in avoiding the greater perspective and the cost of flying to those heights to gain it.

Those who learn to be and to soar alone, to connect with the Beauty of the World directly, rather than second-hand, will no longer settle for the sort of companions who drag them down, deaden, diminish them or content themselves with pretense. They will prefer to soar alone, until they find the company of other eagles, rather than spend their lives in the pens that domesticated turkeys call home.

Such is the cost of soaring.

It’s in the Eagle’s nature to pay the price to soar all the way to the heights that are her prize.

Every Prize has a Price.

Every Nature has a Prize.

The Company we keep reflects all of them.

Gather Seeds, my Relative.

Face Dawn Light.

Flickr - Rainbirder - Verreaux's Eagle pair
Can you SOAR with the company you keep? Photo by Steve Garvie from Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland (Verreaux’s Eagle pair) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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4 Responses

  1. Kristen

    I would appreciate gender neutral language, eagles are not only male. thanks for not continuing the sad tradition of making males all important and females invisible 🙂

    • Journeyman O

      Kristen, thank you, and you are welcome. Instead of making my language gender neutral, I made it MORE gender-RICH, and hope that you, as a woman, feel more included and welcome in these considerations, written by a man, as a man, in the language of a man who loves all of the Shapes and the Unfolding Complementarities of the Greater Aliveness.

      I send you Bright Greetings, Kristen, and hope you are well, that you are SEEN and DELIGHTED-IN, in all your gorgeous Femininity and Beingness, and that Spring is greeting you in the Redolent Beauty, Songs, and Shapes of the Beloved Forested Mountain country you live in, and which inhabits you. Thank you for writing! O

  2. gobble gobble

    at heights that only members of his kind will fly with him at
    Because of few
    and thus never resolve and development through
    want to drag them done.

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