Full-Spectrum Bio-Harmonic Intelligence

0 votesFull Spectrum Bio-Harmonic Intelligence There are profound differences between living organisms and machines. We are designed for full spectrum bio-harmonic intelligence, where the entirety of our capacities reflect emergent qualities growing synergistically in the full spectrum of our Aliveness. … Continued

To Soar!

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4 votesTo soar has a price. In French there’s a saying: Choisir, c’est renoncer To choose is to renounce. To choose one thing is to give up another. When we open our hand to receive, if that hand held something, … Continued

What is RIGHT about Addiction?

1 voteWhat’s right about addiction?  This is a strange way to frame a question about addiction, isn’t it? It’s a question I never asked in twenty-five years of critical care nursing. When I started teaching in 2009 and got challenged … Continued

Wisdom is in the Ground

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1 voteI’ve noticed something curious over a lifetime of traveling, living, learning and unlearning with different kinds of folks around the world: in some parts of the world wisdom is fairly common. People are sense-ably engaged with Life in a … Continued