Finding Home in Aliveness

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Edward S. Curtis set out to photograph the Peoples of North America at the time when their way of living with and from the Wisdom of Aliveness was being put to an end – but the Wisdom of Finding Home in Aliveness lives on.

One day he came upon this Apache wickiup. He approached, looked around, poked his head inside; nobody there. He took a picture.

He thought they weren’t home, but they were. He thought that this was an Apache home, but it isn’t. People who live in spaces like this know that this is a Place to Dream inside of home.  Home is what surrounds this shelter. I see this picture and wonder about Being-Of-Place, and Finding Home in Aliveness, and having Living Room with Room to Live.

There is an Art to Being Home. The first step is finding Living Room that’s got real Aliveness and Beauty in it, with room to roam, room to LIVE and discover Home deep inside oneself, settling into a place and in connection with the Qualities of Beauty and Aliveness there. Taking it slow, opening my senses, I discover that same Beauty and Aliveness awakening in new ways inside of me.

I notice the baskets, the Beauty of these people’s creations. They express connection to Aliveness, to taking time, doing things well and beautifully, a gorgeous practicality.

Home is not so much a place to HAVE. It is a Place to BE, where there’s Room to be fully Alive, not just in a place, but where inside and outside get connected in the Beauty and the Ways of Aliveness. Home is a place to Be Related with the many Shapes of Aliveness. When we Connect Deeply to Places of Aliveness, we discover Home as our natural capacity for connection with Related Alivenesses.

People displaced from Ancestral Homelands lose this sense of Finding Home in ALIVENESS, where inside and outside are in connection and communication, resonant.

In the West, we think “Nature” is something different from us. We begin to replace connection to Aliveness with beliefs and ideas that are disconnected from Aliveness. We think that the Nature of where we live and what we are can be disconnected.

WE, as humans, are shapes of Nature. Our Natural, Creative Intelligence awakens inside of, in connection to, and in the experience of Greater Dimensions of Natural, Creative Intelligence.

Instead of going to Nature to “hike,” I go there to enjoy the Living Room, to get Cozy, Contented and Connected. Then I start to take slow walks, to notice, to connect, delight in and savor. Living Places, and the ones who live there, desire the presence of connected, sensitive, caring, attentive and ALIVE humans just as much as we yearn for their Natural Beauty. Our Aliveness awakens and thrills other shapes of Aliveness.

When I feel a deep desire and longing for connection, I give myself some Living Room, set up my kitchen, a place to Dream, and rediscover the Deliciousness of BEING Home!

I Gather Seeds, Of Wisdom, to Find my Way,

With Room to Live and BE Home.

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