How Childhood Impacts Health

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Dr. Vincent Felitti, M.D. became world famous for his work at Kaiser Permanente’s Preventative Medicine clinic. He had incredible success at helping patients lose weight, overcome addictions and adopt positive health habits. Then something very surprising began to happen:

As he was receiving national and international recognition for his methods of helping people give up bad habits and adopt good ones, his most successful patients started standing out in their success rates at something unexpected: successful suicides.

Not only was this tragic and heart-breaking, it also led Dr. Felitti to question the underlying premises of the “Preventative Medicine” that he was practicing and the view of “health” and “illness” that underpinned it.

Dr. Gabor Mate references Dr. Felitti’s ground-breaking, mind-blowing and heart-opening work. Dr. Felitti’s work, and his ground-breaking Adverse Childhood Events Study, illuminate, in surprising ways, how childhood impacts health. I hope it serves to illuminate, enrich and connect you, in your Life Adventure.

I’ll let Dr. Felitti tell his own story. I highly encourage you to read and answer the A.C.E. questionnaire. Stefan Molyneux, with FreeDomainRadio, did this interview of Dr. Vincent Felitti. I hope you find it as insightful as I have.

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