A World in Word Only

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09DrawingsDFNIMG_1471For those of you who are Artists in the Medium of Living, and UP FOR the totality of the reality of LIFE, what enhances it, what decays it (both necessary parts of a cycle), and how the misuse of language plays out in culture and our perception of a world only in word, and our part, duties, and obligations in it, today’s essay will give you tools for engaging with reality much more clearly. We are going to look at the Anatomy of Slavespeak, how it’s shaped and how it shapes our perception of a world in word only. It will also help you clean up the misuse of language, so common today, that foments a mystical view of the world that easily sets you up for succumbing to the literal non-sense used so skillfully by political, religious and monetary racketeers throughout the ages.

If you’ve been applying yourself to our complimentary course, available as a newsletter you can subscribe to in the blue boxes to the right, I’ve written a number of times of the differences between the languages of People who speak truthfully to each other, and the languages of people submitted to imperial lies and literal non-sense. Today we are going to explore these dynamics from a Western perspective, and discover ways of demystifying our minds of the kinds of B.S. that imperialism thrives on.

Without further ado, here’s Frederick Mann’s compilation of the work of a whole host of brilliant observers of reality, The Anatomy of Slavespeak. This one’s for the few readers who dare to dig deep. Click on it. Study it. Delve deeper into the sources and you will discover true treasures. I suggest you download and save a copy for future reference.  The internet is undergoing rapid and profound censorship.

I reread this one regularly, as it challenges my programming in very clear and useful ways.

This will be posted in the Links section under Language. As I post more resources in the Links section, I will also notify my newsletter readers of new posts. This one’s hard-hitting. It’s long. It’s deep. It’s varied. It’s dense. AND it’s full of powerful tools and insights for liberating yourself from the hocus-pocus linguistic B.S. that has us spending our precious lives trying to fix, improve or understand pure illusions. I read this one at least five or ten times per year, and return to it regularly to discover more treasures.

It’s a true student, one who brings application to her life’s adventure, who will bring these treasures to life. The rest will read through it, agree or disagree, like or dislike it and pretend they learned something. Oh well.

“Application” means “to stick to something,” like you apply a sticker to something, and it sticks to it, or like a bear catches a scent of food on the wind and applies himself to following that scent all the way to its source. All Naturally Intelligent Life naturally applies itself. Only domesticated, and thus traumatized and developmentally diminished, lifeforms no longer apply themselves.

For those of you who are engaging deeply, exploring and delightfully discovering what I’m offering here, a great place to start here is with the Tale of Two Tribes in this document. Just do a Ctrl+F (on a PC) or the Command + F (on a Mac) and read it. It’s very, very clear and concise and we will reference it in further offerings in ways that may surprise you.

With that, I leave you with this quote from Marshall McLuhan:

“The literate man is a sucker for propaganda…You cannot propagandize a native. You can sell him rum and trinkets, but you cannot sell him ideas.” –Marshall McLuhan, The Education of Mike McManus, TV Ontario, December 28 1977

The difference between a word-literate man – who reads and thinks from words – and a reality-literate native who cultivates the capacity to read and think from Living Reality, is that the word-mystified fall under the spell of a world in word only, while the Naturally Intelligent walk in the Mystery of the World that Lives, Breathes, Moves, Dances, Feasts and Celebrates Aliveness.

If you’re wondering how this plays out in real life, when a preacher man tries to sell some thoroughly reality-based native people on his sanctified and mystified brand of hocus-pocus, check out the difference between Straight and Crooked Heads.

Gather Seeds, of Wisdom.
Recognize the Slavespeak
and Make Your Way.

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  1. Jack

    Thanks for your effort. The link to Mann is not working. I have most of his work, nice to see you carrying it on.
    You might want to join my Free Friends Voluntaryist Community grounded in Auckland, NZ but all over the world via Internet.
    We are true Voluntaryists which I assume Mann was and you are. Email me and we can meet on my Zoom if interested.
    You are only as free as you take the responsibility to be.
    Voluntarily, Responsibly Free, Jack

    • Journeyman O

      Hello Jack, thanks for your comment. I updated the link to Frederick Mann’s “The Anatomy of Slavespeak”, urgently relevant today in these time of the corona hoax and the techno-totalitarian rollout. Have you thought of using someone besides the CIA/Google as your e-mail provider? http://www.tutanota.com has free, anonymous e-mail, for example. Wishing you and your friends on Aotearoa well.

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