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How do you Receive Offerings?

Are you looking for something? How long have you been looking? How many times have you asked for help, received it, and then disregarded what you asked for?

Where are your elders? Where are your relatives? What is happening to your People? What is happening with you? Who do you serve? Who do you think you are? Do you really think? How would you know? Who are you for real? How would you know?

There is a Way of Wisdom. It’s not on a bookshelf, in some monastery, or in some incredible “enlightened state.” True Wisdom is far simpler, closer at hand, and more practical than all that. As a matter of fact, it’s right under your feet. Believe that or disbelieve that and you’ll lose the pointing for the point. Wisdom is right under our feet, literally. We are literally standing on Her.

Many of you will be wondering what the heck I’m talking about, because we don’t really live on our planet, in a place we are related to and know ourselves as a human shape of. We live in what I call the “Disneyland gulag” which is a mental impressionarium terrarium that has us thinking that the world is just one big idea, that I can “make of it what I want,” and that it has no life of its own. Our bodies are the world, too, and we treat ourselves and our Being as ideas autistically spun out of our minds with zero observation of our living reality. We treat the world and ourselves as slaves, as objects, as things. Few of us notice how deadened we are; to ourselves, to our cells, to our senses, to our “loved ones,” to our world.

So we think the world is dead, even deader than the person who looks, but cannot see; who listens, but cannot hear; who does all kinds of “things,” but cannot really move; who is “going somewhere,” but never arrives here.

Pick up a handful of dirt and you have literal billions of living beings who know how to live life sense-ably and capably and don’t need a workshop to figure that out.

These are the Original Ancestors. We are their handiwork. We are part of and an expression of a Living Totality that unfolds in Life Logic, their logic, Life Intelligence.

Are you looking for something? How long have you been looking? How many times have you asked for help? Did someone offer you help? What did you do with what was offered, for real? How did that work out?

Are you able and willing to face the reality these questions can only call to your attention? I’m talking about the reality, and not all of the blathering excuses and ideas you come up for and about your life. Are you ready for that?

Where are your elders? Where are your relatives? Who are your relatives? What was it like being related to and growing up with them? What is happening to you? Who do you think you are? Do you really think? How would you know?

What are you? Where are you? Who was here before you? Does the Land you walk on have a Life of its own, or is it only dead? Do you have an actual Life with the Land or are you only living in a world of ideas that has no Life? Are you wondering how to make sense of your life and finding that to be challenging? Have you really, really noticed anything about what I’m asking you? Have you really gotten curious? Or have you been so busy creating an identity for yourself, as an idea, that you never really paid attention to what you were working with? What is the “you” that you think you are? What is actually you? The sense of “actually” is “that which acts.”

You are perfectly equipped to find your way. Not the “you” that you “think” you are, but the Being that has Being-as-You, the actual you. The you that breathes, hears, sees, takes a crap, and acts in a whole host of ways that the “idea of you” is absolutely incapable of doing.

You are a 4 Billion Year Old Wisdom System.

So-called “modern cultures” set us at odds with our Natural Wisdom. “Culture,” of course, is one of those imperial abstractions that distracts us from what’s real. What is “culture,” really? It is a Way of Relating to Aliveness.

Everything offered here, starting with our complimentary newsletter, is offered to those who dare to become students of Aliveness, from one of the same, a student of the very Ground I walk upon and which flowers in innumerable Shapes. If you feel called to ask me for guidance, first do something for yourself with what I have already offered you!

Sometimes I share what I am learning with people who ask. But to learn means asking something of yourself, not just of others. Many people refuse to do for themselves what they insist that some “teacher,” “politician,” “guru,” “parent,” etc. do for them. To learn means you have to teach yourself. It helps to have someone give you some pointers. But you still have to DO it.

If you feel called to study with me; here’s how to start:

1) Sign up for and READ, TRACK OUT – LIKE A FOX/ BEAR/ PANTHER – every hint, nuance and link in each article you receive, from my newsletter.

2) For WHATEVER level of consulting you want me to work with you at, show me how you have already taken action to CREATE VALUE and a LIVING DIFFERENCE in your life and the lives of the people you love from what you have already received from me in the newsletter. Let me know – in writing – how much more value you’re prepared to enjoy/ create/ invent and invite others into –  at, at least, 10X whatever your investment with me will be. I will be absolutely DELIGHTED to work with you and co-collaborate with you, meet you, get to know you, enrich and enliven you and maybe someday call you friend, collaborator and co-creator.

3) If you can’t afford that, go back to the newsletter articles, step-by-step and apply each step. Come back when YOU have created some value in YOUR life from what you learned and can let me know what and how you did it.


I work with those who not only WANT, but WILL and DO.

I do NOT work with those who WANT, but WON’T and DON’T!

If you see an absolutely-compelling way to engage, create, learn, joint-venture, have fun, grow some ALIVENESS, in a process of mutual enrichment, exchange, creativity and inspiration, let me know and follow up with me in very short, continuous order to make it real.  Momentum is key.


I am willing to work with you, especially for week-long stays or workshops, to find a way that your investment can be partially or totally covered, creatively, and lead to ongoing enrichment, not only for you, but for a whole community of people with whom you will be able to grow richly and vitally together. Wealth is a LIVED experience.

If you Belong to Indigenous People, living on the homelands of your ancestors, and would like me to come share what I’ve learned with you, I will work with, and for, your People in exchange for transportation (pre-paid, see below), food, lodging, plus a bag of Tobacco for making Offerings. Any further gifts and contributions are up to you. Let us put our Hearts, Minds, and HANDS together that the People may LIVE! Please sign up for my newsletter and contact me via that route.

Here is what I charge to Go Deeper.

Invest In Your Thriving

Individual or Phone Consulting:$100/hour For more info, see HERE. Typically, one hour will keep you powerfully engaged for WEEKS of learning and action-taking. You must tell me what $1000 value you are looking to make real in your life, for every hour of time we spent together.

In-person consulting/ courses, daily: $500/day plus travel, food and lodging.

In-person consulting/ courses, weekly: $2000/week plus travel, food and lodging. This is for 5 days on-site and 2 days to travel.

3-day workshop for up to 100 people: $2000 flat fee, plus travel, food, lodging, venue and supplies.

Adventures in Mastery Mentorship: $199/month. For more information, see HERE

Evening talks: If I am already staying in your general area (50 miles) and you have at least five people interested, I will gladly come to meet you and give an evening talk or event on a donation basis. Otherwise, Travel, Food and Lodging paid up front, plus flat $100 fee

I am also in the process of creating a powerful online, one-year apprenticeship for a core group of people. If you are interested in participating, sign up for our complimentary newsletter and you’ll be notified of our next offering.


In my vehicle: Standard Federal Mileage Rate: currently 55 cents/mile, round trip.

If I have to fly to your location: airfare, taxi fares and parking fares for the vehicle I leave behind, if applicable, and a rental car if I’m spending more than two days with you.


Can be a campground if you live in a rural area or a hotel room in a big city, depending on where you’re at- with internet access. If you have a guest house, tree house or large, shaded and clean yard space to pitch a tent, I’m fine with that and will need some clean, tidy and quiet space to set up a place to stand and work at my computer. I love sleeping outdoors in a tent and generally do NOT want to partake of strangers’ family life and family dynamics.


I eat a Paleo diet with organic, grass-fed meats, organ meats, lots of animal fats, eggs and fresh vegetables. I do NOT eat deer and salmon, grains or soy products. If I am staying with you, I will be glad to show you how to prepare delicious meals rapidly and affordably. This can be a huge contribution, not only to your bottom-line, but to your health and your ability to make very flavorful and exquisitely nutritious meals easily, affordably and rapidly. Quite a few people told me that learning to cook with me was a life-changer for them, and a number of them had already spent a lifetime cooking for entire families. If I’m staying in a hotel, I will require a one-burner stove, a frying pan and cook pot and $25/day for food. Paleo restaurants serving high-quality foods without chemical additives are fine.

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