Full-Spectrum Bio-Harmonic Intelligence

0 votesFull Spectrum Bio-Harmonic Intelligence There are profound differences between living organisms and machines. We are designed for full spectrum bio-harmonic intelligence, where the entirety of our capacities reflect emergent qualities growing synergistically in the full spectrum of our Aliveness. … Continued

7 Minute Exercise Cycle Makes You Younger

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1 voteDoing a 7 minute exercise cycle makes you younger. I’m going to turn you onto something that’s fun, fast, effective and will make you look and feel amazing. The cool thing about this exercise routine is that it’s over … Continued

To Soar!

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4 votesTo soar has a price. In French there’s a saying: Choisir, c’est renoncer To choose is to renounce. To choose one thing is to give up another. When we open our hand to receive, if that hand held something, … Continued

Natural Versus Adversarial Parenting

0 votesI first learned of Jean Liedloff’s wonderful book, The Continuum Concept,  from someone attending one of my workshops in which I was telling stories about my experiences around childhood and parenting in a very remote Zapotec village where a friend … Continued