A Stove from a Can: Something to Learn

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There is more to be learned here than you may surmise upon first impressions. This one is for ALL OF YOU, and for my friends who love to luxuriate in a hot cup of coffee somewhere out on the land, or to cook up a batch of something delicious for some fine companion; maybe a batch of nettle soup, or some of the hundreds of delicious Shapes of Aliveness all over the land, eager to Shape your Human Experience! This is a compact, light, free cook stove you can make with a can in about 3 minutes. All you need is pure alcohol for fuel.

Consider that there is more to be learned here than “how to make a stove,” although that is certainly valuable. There is also something essential to be learned about wealth here, about “impressions” of what we “need,” and learning to go to the essence. This is another example of what I spoke of in Chopping Onions and Initiation.

When we begin to observe, relate to, and live life from First Principles, going to the Essence of our needs and desires, elegantly and fully-filled, rather than the appearances and impressions of “what we think we need,” pretty soon we discover that everything we need and desire is already right-at-hand. 

It only takes asking simple questions:What is the ESSENCE of what I need/desire to experience from/with what I desire?” “What has already been Offered that IS OF THAT ESSENCE, right here, right where I’m at? How to I lead myself to Re-Cognize (literally.”Bring Back into Knowing-WITH) and GO TO THE ESSENCE? How do I allow myself to be touched by what is already set before me, beyond my preconceptions of what I think it “is”?

Most people today spend their entire lives chasing after the impressions of what they think will fulfill their desires, rather than going to the essence of what we actually require to live well. I, for example, love living on large properties that are beautiful, natural, remote. Most people think, “Oh! You need a lot of money for that.” No, actually, you need to pay attention and make Connection. You need Wealth, not money. Wealth is a Quality of BEING and of Way-Finding.

We are all endowed with Living Intelligence. In practical terms, it has largely and insistently been overgrown with Narrative Programming. Living Intelligence is a LIVING Gift which, like all Living Qualities of BEING, invites us to KNOW it, to Dis-Cover its Living Nature, which is our own, and to GROW it.

Update June 2018:  This stove, along with a much simpler one which I use to burn vegetable oil with a wick, and leave a small area to put alcohol on top, has been my main stove for over a year, along with a submersible electrical heater that has a coil and a cord with plug. A number of friends with normal gas stoves, upon seeing how efficient my stove is (and far simpler even than this one), now use the same kind of stove.


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