Sophists Shape the Sophisticated

0 votesSophists: Philosophical Mercenaries In part One of this mini-series I asked you the question: Are You Primitive or Sophisticated? Did you actually track that out beyond just reading the article? What did you discover? We also reviewed the Nature … Continued

Are You Primitive or Sophisticated?

1 voteTake a moment and notice your visceral response to the question: “Are you primitive or sophisticated?” The Cat’s in the Bag We’re going to go for a stroll through our cultural programming, ancient history and things we talk about … Continued

Beyond For and Against

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0 votes Beyond For and Against: A Journeyman Tale He sat in the woods. A large owl or hawk flew low, weaving through the ponderosas. He smiled. They revealed the Nature of an attention beyond for and against; the Hunter’s … Continued

Elevated Uric Acid & Gout

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0 votesToday’s gem  addresses why there’s an increase in elevated uric acid & gout worldwide. When I started having health problems in 2001, before learning how to restore my health from the foundation up, one of the first clues was … Continued

Be Your Own Best Student

0 votesTeaching around the world for six years taught me more than I ever imagined. I’m still harvesting powerful nuggets about teaching, learning, how to be my own best student from that experience, and integrating them into new learning adventures. … Continued

How Simple is Rich?

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1 voteIf you’re receiving the complimentary course via newsletter (in the blue box to the right), you’re probably noticing how backwards everything we’ve been programmed to believe and repeat is. Our instruction was intentionally designed to cripple our learning. Most … Continued