Journey into the Heart of Aliveness

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Journey Into Aliveness!
Journey Into Aliveness!

Connective, Coherent, Integral Learning and activating new dimensions of our Aliveness happen naturally when the changes and realities of a Journey call us to rediscover everyday gestures, challenges and delights, outside of our usual environment. We reconnect to vitality, enjoyment and creativity in surprising and spontaneous ways.

In 1984, I took my first Sacred Journey with my teacher, Rockman, in a Way of Learning that was precise while, at the same time, it didn’t allow for imitation. For the first time, I was challenged to learn in a way where my capacity to See, Hear and Move – and not what I thought or who I thought I was – was the connection to learning. I had to pay attention. I was called to discover with my eyes, my ears and my entire Being. For over thirty years those lessons continue to enrich and challenge me in new ways.

Places of Beauty and Transformation

There are places on Earth that are so charged with Energy and Vitality that, if we go there, slow down, and start paying attention, powerful new connections, realizations and transformations come Alive in us. WE come Alive!

Over the last six years of teaching worldwide, students have told me that what most impacted them was spending time with me on retreat and in Nature. I’ve been delighted to hear and witness how deeply and simply lives transform in our attention to what often seem to be very basic, yet often-neglected, aspects of our lives.

In the Journey we discover how our relationship to what matters most to us can be appreciated through a whole host of doorways to attention, starting with the qualities of attention and action we bring to the simple things. Life is coherent. One quality of our lives reveals another.

The great writer and farmer Wendell Berry said “There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places.” So, too, with our actions and our attention. Whatever we touch, however we touch it, the entire universe responds and is touched likewise.

In the Journey we discover and delight in what the universe has already placed into the palm of our hands and the hollow of our hearts. We awaken in the natural ceremony of Being Vitally and Beauty-Fully Human in Vital and Beauty-Full Places.

Sometimes I am available for individual one-week long trips and retreats in some of the most beautiful canyons, deserts, mountains of the world, in order to enjoy days spent quietly, deliciously, maximizing everything for our Aliveness and Brilliance to flourish in new ways. We take a Journey into a Rich Simplicity that shows us keys to living more richly and simply. This is YOUR gift to YOU.

Getting Grounded Is Something You Can FEELWisdom is way-finding. It’s down-to-Earth, literally. There are ways to activate it naturally. We begin to make connections to the rest of our life that were so OBVIOUS that we could have spent a lifetime without recognizing or realizing them. We Reconnect with our Living Shape among Living Shaping.

This is the nature of the Journey itself, taken with someone who has spent a lifetime traveling across the boundaries of culture, language, landscape, ecosystems, creativity and possibility…back to Earth. We call Her “Rock Old Woman.” She HAS Being. She Shapes BEING. The Journey awakens a curious and more playful sensitivity to the rest of our lives and a much more engaged sense of our own capacity for mastery in the rich simplicity of who-we-are, where-we-are, just-how-we-are.

For individuals desiring to experience more of their own depth, I invite you to an exceptional, custom-made, one-on-one, one or two-week Journey Back to Earth, where Aliveness and Vitality ARE the “operating system” and Still Flourish in the Wisdom of Wholeness.

The mood is one of richly experiencing fully the Present Moment, of curiously and playfully enjoying the simple gestures of camp life, hiking, swimming, relaxing and enjoying deeply, discovering edible plants, preparing meals and connecting deeply to places that have been inhabited, intensely loved and cared for by many generations of People. In the Journey, our external and internal worlds reconnect naturally. We begin to discover the surprising, almost miraculous, gifts that come with Slowing Down, Seeing, Noticing, Touching, Connecting.

With Attention, We Notice.

Sumptuous Simplicity for Breakfast
Sumptuous Simplicity for Breakfast

Sumptuously simple yet delicious meals are prepared on the campfire or stove. Our food nourishes us deeply, not only with “nutrients,” but with flavors, textures and the simple delight of culinary creation over live fire. We discover new nuances to living richly, easily, naturally.

For the week, we revel in the Majesty of our Superb and Earthly place among the stars and get deeply acquainted with the rhythms and textures of the Aliveness we dwell within and which indwells us. Plants from the land come to Nourish and Become our Shaping, In-Forming Us with their way of BEING.

This is a retreat and an opportunity to see and experience coherent connection within and all around us. You may have deep issues you want to explore, or simply be up for having an amazing, rejuvenating time in Gorgeous, Natural Places, for taking a break from daily routines and re-energizing.

YOUR Life, Your Desires, Your Aspirations, Your Aliveness, Your Joy and the Lessons that the Aliveness of the Land reveal are the Teaching that we bring attention, application, curiosity, humor, kindness and care to. “How you do anything is how you do everything.” We share the adventure of learning, discovering, creating, laughing and playing in Aliveness together.

There Are Places For Finding One's Way
People of the Journey

We discover a rich simplicity, and ground ourselves in this as our existential baseline, instead of just a passing “moment of relief.” This Journey is about learning to give ourselves the gift of this rich and simple ground that is natural to ALL life forms, when we work with our actual nature and Living Design.

At the end of our time together, you will have a different, lived sense of your capacity to rediscover, recreate and revitalize your Way of Being, from your Wise and Playful Core.

Dimensions of Noticing
Dimensions of Noticing

The benefit to you is proportional to the openness, inner availability and attention you bring to the places we visit and our time together. We rediscover what we already know in ways that connect with what’s Alive in us. Chopping Onions and Initiation is one example of many that we will explore practically. So is making a fire, a camp and orienting ourselves in a real place.

Palpable Excellence of Those Who Live In and Love These Places

Set your intention for an incredibly deep, fun, connective, enriching, healing, delicious time for you, for your spirit and your deepest aspirations for LIVING, with great times in places of Power and Beauty.

We’ll work out the details.

Contact me at for details.

Your investment is $1500 for the week (5 days, 5 nights) Connecting Our Aliveness to the Beauty, Wisdom and Vitality that awaits in the Land. (This includes food, ground transportation in my car for one person for 1000 miles, then 55 cents/mile).

Health, travel and accident insurance are YOUR responsibility, along with your travel to our agreed-upon rendez-vous point (airport, train station, bus stop, depending on how you travel).

You will need a small number of supplies, including

  • a sleeping pad (Thermarest highly recommended)
  • a sleeping bag
  • clothing for hot, sunny weather and well as for cold and rain.
  • large-brimmed hat.
  • hiking boots and sandals.
  • swimsuit.
  • towel
  • water bottle
  • sunscreen.

Let me know of your intentions, questions, desires, adventures, creations that you would like support in exploring, as well as your desires in terms of places you would like to discover.

I look forward to sharing this Adventure into Aliveness with you!

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