Dr. Mary’s Monkey, Polio, Cancer & Lee Harvey Oswald

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You might be wondering who Dr. Mary, or Dr. Mary S. Sherman, is and what Dr.  Mary’s monkey, polio, cancer, and Lee Harvey Oswald could possibly have to do with your health and the health of your loved ones. The quick answer: more than you’ve ever imagined. Hang on!

As a nurse since 1989 and someone who had to wade through the “medical expertise” I, and practically everyone in the medical field, learned by rote, programmed instruction, in order to recover my health, quite frankly I’ve been appalled by the dark underbelly of medicine, as I’ve discovered it over thirty years and, especially, since learning how to restore my health.


To be honest, I enjoyed the medical field. Most of the people I worked with were honest, hard-working, intelligent, responsible, well-intentioned and highly-trained. The massive deficits in our knowledge and medical practice were not intentional, nor were they known to us. We simply repeated what we had been “taught.”

Anybody in medicine or nursing not only has to learn, and be legally responsible for, massive amounts of information, protocols, and algorithms, in critical care nursing, for example, it takes a good three years of working to become solidly competent. Staying in the field involves continuous recertification, testing, and updating in new protocols, as it does for medical doctors who also recertify in many of the same protocols as nursing personnel. Each of our multiple certifications require many hours of study and have to be renewed every year or two.

As medical professionals, we assume that if we are learning the recommendations of, for example, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetic Association, and all of the host of other disease-specific “expert organizations,” that those recommendations are research-based and in the best interests of the patients we serve. Anyone in critical care is busy enough working at often-understaffed hospital, studying the new protocols and managing the rest of our lives. We are not cross-referencing every study that the protocols are based on. We assume that our evolving practice is changing “in good faith.”

We assume that if certain medications or vaccines are “indicated,” that they have been indicated in good faith. Unfortunately, that is a deadly assumption. This story is precisely about how deadly an assumption that is.

Please do not just take my word for it. Dr. Marcia Angell, M.D., the twenty-year editor of the The New England Journal of Medicine, one of the world’s most “prestigious” medical journals, has this to say about medicine today:

It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

This is nothing new, however. Few of us realize that the entirety of so-called “Western” culture is fully-weaponized.

Today’s story by the author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey, Ed Haslam, is a mind-blowing, medico-political whodunit. It’s an amazing story of what’s at stake when we blindly follow, and surrender our health, our minds, and our life decisions to the advice of so-called “experts.” It’s a blatant example of the sickness that government, and being-governed, IS. A sickness that transformed polio, a disease which mostly manifested as flu-like symptoms, and whose severe manifestations only affected 1% of the population, into an epidemic of soft-tissue cancer viruses that leads to the death of 1 out of 3 people in the West.

Some of us know the history of the U.S. Army giving smallpox infected blankets to the American Indians. We naively imagine that the general population is more “loved” by the psychopaths in power than the Indians were. That’s a deadly assumption.

Empires treat their citizen-slaves like livestock, ALL of them. People who get a paycheck for following orders, in a chain of command, will follow orders, to continue getting that paycheck.

Many have long known that Lee Harvey Oswald was a patsy in the John F. Kennedy assassination. Jack Ruby killed him before he could ever speak one word in a public courtroom. Why? What were Oswald and Ruby (actually Rubenstein) involved in that made it necessary to get rid of them, and why was Oswald killed before ever getting to testify in court?

Colorful houses in New OrleansJohn F.Kennedy’s death fifty years ago was not why Oswald was set up, only a pretext to get rid of him. He was set up because he was involved in an assassination that is ongoing, and that involves BILLIONS of people, worldwide.

The assassins came from the highest ranks of the medical and scientific establishment in New Orleans, brought together there to conduct one kind of government-funded “health research” that very soon became, and continues to be, deadly.

This is a truly bizarre story. It rejoins much of the other medical research I’ve had to wade through as I begin to question what I “knew” about health in my efforts to recover mine, and the blatant lies, such as not eating saturated fats, that I just bought hook, line and sinker.

President Eisenhower’s personal physician, Dr. Paul Dudley White, one of the founders of the American Heart Association who said, on public television, as quoted by Sally Fallon Morell (Presenter) (2008). The oiling of America [DVD]:

Heart disease in the form of myocardial infarction was nonexistent in 1900 when egg consumption was three times what it was in 1956 and corn oil was unavailable. . . . See here, I began my practice as a cardiologist in 1921 and I never saw an MI patient until 1928. Back in the MI free days of 1920 the fats were butter and lard. And I think that we would all benefit from the kind of diet we had at that time when no one had heard the word ‘corn oil’.”

Today we have this perception that heart disease and cancer, the top two killers today, are just “part of the normal problems of human health.” Few of us imagine how exceedingly rare they were before the 20th century and the “expert recommendations” and “public health policies” we’ve been subjected to ever since.

You’ll see, as the story unfolds, that this was not just “a mistake.” There’s much more that I’ve explored about this story beyond what Ed Haslam talks about, but he brings important parts to the puzzle.

Because we are “modern” people, from the Latin modo: “just right now,” we have almost ZERO context for our human experience, not even fifty years back. Few people today will do the learning necessary to gain that context, even with a smartphone in their hands.

This is what my Klamath elder pointed out to me back in the 1980’s:

You white people don’t even know what has happened to YOUR OWN people, RIGHT HERE, ON OUR HOMELANDS, in the last fifty years!”

A “people” without memory, without history, and who defend one sole, and unique right: the right to ignorance, ARE defenseless against their own total enslavement, to where even their thoughts are programmed by others.

Today we take it as a given that it’s “normal” that 1 out of 3 people will get cancer in their lifetimes. Why? Because that’s what is happening right now. Modern people are “just-right-now” people who won’t look beyond “just-right-now.” Isn’t that the latest “spiritual” mantra that hit the public mentality along with Eckhart Tölle’s The Power of Now?  But that’s nothing new. “NOW!” has been the mantra of slaves for millenia, as if “now” was neither consequence nor consequent. The only thing that matters, in the lives of the permanently-child-ISH, is how we feel, right? The remainder of reality is simply disposable, like a dirty plasticized diaper for the culture of the permanently infantile.

The cancer epidemic is worldwide, and has been, since the early 1960’s, ever since the Salk-Sabin polio vaccine was released to, and intentionally infected, the public with cancer-causing monkey viruses.

This story is both bizarre, yet all too typical of what I’ve learned about how medicine, and “science” are being conducted today. Governmental and corporate structures that give immunity to people “carrying out orders” are functionally sociopathic and psychopathic. They are immune to feedback, to responsibility, ethics, or remorse.

Many people think we “need government to protect us from corporations,.” They don’t consider that “corporations” are legal fictions, just as the governments are, created in the magical mysticism of legal language that pretends that fictitious “non-entities” exist, simply because there’s a word or a name that’s been created for them. This corruption of reality allows people to operate with impunity, under the color and cover of the magico-mystical language of “law,” pretending that their actions were carried out by the legal fiction, and not by them and, since they followed orders “in a chain of command,” their “superiors” and “the government” or “corporation” are responsible.

People often tell me “well, how could so many people involved in these things never reveal what’s going on to the public?” The truth is that many have, repeatedly. The lucky ones, like Judyth Vary Baker, a precocious and brilliant cancer researcher, lost her career. Many have lost their lives. The rest learned to shut up if they still wanted to have a job, a house to live in, or simply remain alive.

Consider first of all, if you really care. Consider that most people might get a little upset, if they heard of this directly, say from one of these researchers, but the vast majority of people would rather not hear about it, and any whistleblower pretty soon realizes that in no uncertain terms. So why would someone who has a nice career going jeapordize their career, their paycheck and, perhaps, their lives, for a bunch of schmucks who don’t really care anyways?

It only takes a Dr. Mary Sherman and a Lee Harvey Oswald – and everyone around them – to get murdered, and everybody else quickly learns to be happy to be on a government or corporate payroll, to still be alive, and to keep their mouths shut. If you are an “up and coming “scientist” or “medical expert,” already hand-picked for eventually leading national medical and research institutions, along with the prestige, renown, salaries, perks and benefits that come along with them, you quickly learn to “politely ignore” the pervasive lies and “oversights” that your “promising” career will depend on. You learn to become a “promising” candidate, and to respect the silent promises that come hand-in-hand with accepting the “benefits.” You learn to be “polite” and never mention the impolitely obvious.

If you don’t learn that on your own, most everyone around you will shut you up and isolate you, in very short order. Willful ignorance and mandatory obeisance to lies is part and parcel of the “kiss-up, kick-down” culture of empire’s little slave “darlings,” all of whom have a price, all of whom are perfectly exchangeable, replaceable, and disposable.

You’re not getting sold down the river, honey, you’re just going for a boat ride…”

Meanwhile, one out of three people are dying of cancer in the West. “Experts” with “plans” want to decide what gets injected into our bodies. Whose plans? What plans? Slaves don’t want to know!

But the free do and that’s who I write for.

The free dare to track the habits and movements of the panthers, the snakes, and everything that moves in their world. They dare consciousness, which is, literally, “knowing-together-with” reality, not pretending to know while ignoring reality.

We not only learn what we are in, we dare to celebrate the challenge of learning and cultivating our response-abilities. We learn how this literally life-deadening relational sickness called “modern culture” plays its games by having us both play them, and ignore them at the same time.

Nobody is coming to save us or our descendants, especially not the experts, or anyone on a government or corporate payroll or chain of command. We don’t kid ourselves. Instead, we understand that the greatest threat to our Aliveness, our Freedom, and our Capacity to Grow, Nourish, Cultivate and Associate with a Trustworthy and Beloved People, are the lies we tell ourselves, the lies we tell each other, and the lies we allow “experts” to tell us. As Nassim Taleb says:

If you see fraud and don’t say fraud, you are a fraud.”

If we want health, we know that we have to learn what that means, from the very beginning, and develop the response-abilities for caring for our health. For millions of years, that was basic to simply being human, believe it or not.

The only reason modern people no longer know how to heal ourselves naturally is because our wise people, who were called witches, a word that has the same root as wit, and the Germanic wissen: “to know,” were killed for a crime called “witchcraft,” the art of knowing, and of knowing how to know coherently with LIFE, in a way that enlivens, rather than deadens. The witch hunts go on, as the death of numerous medical practitioners who have been “suicided” over the last few years will attest.

The opposite of Life-coherent knowing is this sickness masquerading as “science” today.

Our science, our medicine, our entire social fabric has been profoundly damaged. We’ve effectively been forced into a way of no longer knowing how to know in coherence with life. Instead we have this crazy “science” incapable of entering into coherent relationship with anything Alive, without cutting, poisoning, irradiating, and killing life in the deluded pretense that “we will know life better if we kill it and chop it to pieces.”

Whose life is it that we are killing and chopping to pieces? Our own! We can’t just assault and mangle other life forms without doing the same to our own. Life is woven of one beating, pulsing, sacred, coherent fabric of BEING.

This is a story about precisely this kind of medicine; a medicine of madmen and women who cut, who poison, who irradiate and who cultivate and then infect the public with the toxic results of their life-deadening “research,” all following orders from their superiors. What kinds of superiors? The heads of such organizations as the American Cancer Society, the National Institutes of Health, and the CIA.

Every family in the Western world, and more and more worldwide, are watching loved ones die of something they think is “just part of the human experience.”

Beware of experts trying to sell you “scientific conclusions” about anything, my friend. You live in a fully-weaponized culture.

I know many who don’t want to hear this, much less think of it. Like traumatized children, they only want to hear what “feels good.” Many would rather watch one out of three of us die of cancer rather than pay attention to the deeper game of those who play the long game, and who ride herd on a stupefied, “just-right-now” humanity. This is both understandable, and predictable, because traumatizing people from cradle to grave is what this whole system is designed to do.

Many people consistently vote for any “public health benefit” they can get, especially when it’s paid out of somebody else’s pocket, their freedom and their lives. Few ever question what exactly they are getting, and at what cost to others, not just themselves.

This is the tyranny that arises among a people who can be predictably baited to vote for any “benefit” that sounds good to them; always offered by “experts,” while dodging their responsibilities. The results are a stupefied humanity.

Hard words? The reality is much, much harder. Most people in their thirties, today, are already starting to experience severe health problems. I’ve been around the world, teaching courses on health, accelerated learning, and deep cultural and relational dynamics – and I’ve been amazed at how rapidly health is degrading.

The solution? Learn something, my friend. Learn something and share what you learn with others. First learn how your reality is unfolding while you distract yourself and prefer for others to do the “thinking” for you.

There is Beauty, Wisdom, Intelligence aplenty in you, from the Beginning. But you need courage and care to understand how you’ve been set at odds with yourself.

Yes, we have a lot of truly fucked-up things going on in this cultural sickness masquerading as “modernity,” and that deadens everything it touches.

But we are also Shapes of an Earth that has coherently and beautifully been shaping all of Life, including our Human Shape, for a Sacred Adventure in a Greater Aliveness.

WE CAN learn! We CAN choose! We CAN live brilliantly. We CAN say NO to all the ways we’ve learned to live, serve and ignore the tyranny that assaults us from without, and from within. That requires the courage for SEE, HEAR and MOVE.

Here are links to two interviews of Ed Haslam. The first is shorter and, if you use a podcast app like iTunes or Stitcher, on your cell phone, you can download it there. The second goes into greater depth, is a few years older, and has quite a bit of visual documentation of the content.


Gather Seeds, my Relative – of Wisdom,

That You May Make Your Way

For, With and In the Greater Aliveness.


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